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August 15, 2022

Sometimes you need an extra layer of security in your warehouse to contain and protect valuable items. These items could include tools and equipment, high-value inventory items, private or sensitive items, dangerous machinery, hazardous materials, and items that could be resold illegally, such as drugs. You could store these items in various ways, but the best solution is often to use security cages. This article will examine how wire security cages could be your best option for protecting your valuables.

Why Use Security Cages?

There are many options for securing valuables, but security cages have essential benefits that make them especially useful. To start, they can be used as a standalone security area or to partition off areas in your warehouse. This gives you the flexibility to use the cages in a variety of ways. Here are some examples: you could create a standalone secure area somewhere in your warehouse with four sides, use three sides to secure space against a wall, use two sides to protect items in a corner, or use one side to split part of a room from the rest of it. You even have the option to add a wire ceiling to the cage to secure the top.

Wire storage cages are far more secure than standard chain link fences. Wire cages are not easily bent or cut like a chain link fence. Also, the smaller holes make a security cage extremely difficult to climb. They are more secure than chain link fences and can even be a more economical choice. Installing them upfront may sometimes cost more, but they will last much longer than chain link fences, can be reused in different ways, and will serve you well for many years.

Security cages allow you to see your inventory without accessing the cage. You can keep better track of your inventory by having them in an area where you can view them easily. The gaps in the metal wires also allow for better air circulation, which keeps dust and moisture from building up on the inventory or equipment you are storing.

A considerable benefit of wire security cages is that they are modular, allowing you to move and configure them based on your needs easily. This flexibility means you can take them down when not in use, relocate them to another space, and easily reconfigure or add as needed. As your needs grow, so can your secure area.

Security cages are made with different locking mechanisms and entry methods such as key locks, padlocks, badge access, biometric readers, and other high-security equipment. There are also various doors that can be used for different security needs. For example, you can use a hinged, double-hinged, sliding, tunnel, self-closing, self-locking, vertical rise, or dutch doors.

You can use security cages to section off and protect areas of racking, allowing for a clear aisle between the racks but with the added security of wire cages.

In addition to storing valuable items, wire security cages can serve many functions when used in a warehouse setting. Building access cages can be useful. These cages are built around an entry point and provide secure separation between outside personnel (such as delivery drivers) and warehouse items and employees. This limits outsider access to ensure added safety to your workers, inventory, and facility.

The flexibility and utility of industrial security cages make them valuable additions to your operation and ensure your warehouse is safe and secure. Reach out to us with any questions and we will help you get the equipment you need.

Eli Fullmer
Eli Fullmer

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