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April 07, 2020

Strata Networks is a telecommunications provider that offers internet services to the rural areas of Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming.


Strata Networks started in 1948, delivering telephone services to the areas of the Uinta Basin. Today, having grown much larger than just a telephone company, Strata Networks provides wireless coverage, fast broadband internet, advanced Cable TV, and home telephone services.






Internet & Telecommunication Services

"The difference with Hoj is they came to us right away. They made an appointment to come over to where we work and to see what our needs are. They looked at our situation and made it a personal experience."


With the rapid growth Strata Networks is experiencing, their facility could not accommodate the expansion they desperately needed. They considered a robust remodel to their existing infrastructure, but even a remodel lacked the ability to keep up with customer demand. More specifically, their warehousing operations were pinched and becoming unorganized. They wanted to make a change, and to do it soon. 

"It made it difficult to know where items were and when we needed them. It made it difficult to inventory those items, cycle count those items, and run physical inventories because it was so spread out. At this point, we knew we needed more space. We needed a system and a facility that allowed us to keep everything under one roof."


Strata Networks initially came in contact with Hoj after speaking with several material handling companies. Casey Long, supply chain and logistics supervisor at Strata Networks, said:

"Nick Wills, account executive at Hoj Innovations, along with the team of engineers put together a complete plan to bring efficiency back to their operation. This included an entirely new pallet rack design, racking, dock levelers, cantilever racking, wire partitions, and forklifts." 

After Hoj presented the new design based on Strata’s warehouse needs, their installation process was seamless and fast. 

“Chivo came out with his crew and were phenomenal. There was good communication throughout and they let us know when they were going to be there. It made it very easy for us."


Strata started to see an increase in its picking efficiencies and overall cube utilization right away. 

In their newly designed facility, the crews go to the front counter, and tell the staff what they need for that day. The staff can easily navigate through the pick module and provide the items each crew needs. 

Strata Networks' expansive inventory is organized in a comprehensive manner, which now enables the company to work more effectively without needing to worry where their inventory is. 

Newly installed larger racking allows Strata to store larger merchandise and to get inventory off of the ground. Receiving items is now much easier with the dock leveler. It allows their trucks to back up and put away product right into the warehouse.

“We have the ability to grow. And the design allows us to keep growing.”


Chris Kilbourn
Chris Kilbourn

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