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January 13, 2021

2020 may have seemed like one of the worst years for business growth, with storefronts forced to shut down and companies filing for bankruptcy. But even though the world had to change their daily routine, businesses found growth opportunities outside of their brick-and-mortar stores.

With millions of people staying indoors and working from home, the world of online shopping saw record-breaking numbers. In fact, Adobe reported Cyber Week, the days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, broke massive e-commerce records. Analyzing one trillion visits and 100 million SKUs from some of the biggest retailers in the U.S., consumers spent around $34.4 billion within a week. By the end of Cyber Monday, the country spent a total of $106.5 billion online. The overall increase came in at a 27.7 percent YoY growth. The numbers still skyrocketed as the holiday season continued.

WarehouseOS® (WOS), a leading picking and packing iPad software used by some of the largest U.S. apparel brands, reported hitting over 1 million orders over Cyber Weekend. Companies like Cotopaxi, Vuori, Blender Bottle, Freshly Picked, and Böhme, who all use WarehouseOS®, reported hitting record-breaking numbers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

WOS proudly reported not experiencing a single error or hiccup in their system during the heavy shopping days. Robert Lyon, co-owner of WarehouseOS®, stated, “It’s reassuring to see our systems running without any problems during the busiest time of the year. It can be daunting and exciting at the same time to see tens of thousands of orders running through our database every day, but our cloud solution hit it right out of the ballpark.” Steven Baer, Director of Supply Chain Technologies at WarehouseOS®, reported, “Our team put in a lot of effort throughout 2020 to transition us to a service architecture. This allowed us to scale separate pieces of our application as needed and really prepared us for the additional load we typically see this time of year. The results were a gratifying calm holiday season despite doubling the strain put on our systems.” Sam Stringham, Lead Sales and Logistics Specialist, said, “With multiple clients going live just weeks before the biggest Cyber Weekend in history, I knew I would need to be on call to support. I had my cell phone by my side the entire weekend but didn’t receive a call. It was the smoothest Cyber Weekend we’ve had yet.”

Derek Bradley, Director of Operations at Vuori, noted, “As far as the system is concerned, WOS is very scalable, and it supports our eCommerce business very well.” With compelling growth happening overnight in 2020, Vuori Clothing worked around the clock to keep up with thousands of orders hitting their D.C. daily. “Every day turns into our biggest day yet. We’re averaging thousands of orders a day, and this holiday season is expected to be unprecedented. Being able to pivot like that is a testament that WOS is robust enough to handle anything. It continues to be an asset, and it works,” said Bradley.

Transitioning to WOS just only two weeks prior to Black Friday, Blender Bottle entered the year’s heaviest shopping week with a short training period. “Something very important for us is how quickly we can scale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday,” said Cody Leishman, Director of Supply Chain at Blender Bottle. “If we had to spend several days training seasonal workers and use them for a couple of weeks, that cost is too high to ever see an ROI. WOS is cost-effective, user friendly, and easy to learn right from the start.”

Böhme, one of the largest women’s boutique apparel companies based in Utah, who traditionally dominates their storefront space, saw a drastic increase to their online presence. With 65% of their business moving to eCommerce, they were in need of a solution that would accommodate website transactions. Black Friday ended up being one of their best performing days to date, sending out thousands of orders. Vivien, founder and CEO of Böhme, was thrilled how WOS handled the order volume. “No funny load times or anything,” said Vivien. “WOS just kept going, even with heavy amounts of orders.” They came out of Cyber Week with success on their shoulders and customers with their orders. Vivien said it simply, “WarehouseOS® just gets it done.”


About WarehouseOS®

WarehouseOS® (WOS), is an inventory management software with a suite of iOS apps that greatly help businesses operate more efficiently and manage their inventory with less friction. Its patented Pick2Grid™ and SmartPath™ technologies facilitate fast, simultaneous order fulfillment. Utilizing iPads, the screen presents users with a virtual representation of the pick-cart’s compartments on a grid, and WOS assigns each order of a batch to its own, unique compartment. This technology also empowers users to be extremely accurate with their picking. Optimal pick-paths are created for the batch to optimize the picker’s efficiency and speed. With these patented technologies, WOS provides better, simpler, and more efficient inventory management operations.

Chris Osmond
Chris Osmond

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