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July 22, 2020

Warehouse Mobile Solutions™, a Logistics Solutions provider has completed a Multi-Site installation of its Tablet Directed, Barcode/Order Fulfillment Solution, WarehouseOS™, “WOS™” for Huish Outdoors “Huish”. The system is now operational at Huish’s distribution centers located in Salt Lake City, Utah and Vancouver, BC Canada. Both sites will be utilizing the latest version of WOS™, fully integrated with their NetSuiteTM ERP Software.


As Huish continues to expand its business through the acquisition of companies serving the diving community, the need to better manage the logistics of receiving, storing and shipping of products without the use of traditional paper process has resulted in their implementation of WOS™. The ability to know where products are stored by simply scanning product barcodes enables operators to quickly store received products in their correct locations while providing real-time inventory accuracy. In addition actual images of each product can be displayed on the tablet screen so pickers can clearly identify the correct product. With the continued expansion of products offered to dive enthusiasts and the need to also expand its workforce to fulfill increased order volumes, the implementation of a user friendly warehouse operating system coupled with product visualization was critical in keeping warehousing cost down and order accuracy extremely high.


The integration of WOS™ with NetSuiteTM to distribute customer orders directly to warehouse personnel enables operators to rapidly pick items utilizing barcoded bin locations in addition to unique product barcodes for extremely accurate product selection, these two system features coupled with the capability to display product images were critical in Huish’s selection of a warehouse operations software solution for integration into their distribution centers. Huish’s first installation was completed in their Salt Lake City, Utah distribution center in December of last year, with their second installation in Vancouver, BC Canada being completed in early 2015. Together these two systems provide Huish with the ability to manage their distribution centers through a common NetSuiteTM interface for order fulfillment and inventory management. The integration to the NetSuiteTM software was done at Huish utilizing the powerful API’s of the WOS® software which can be seamlessly integrated into most ERP systems providing real time two way communications.

With this fully integrated solution orders are received and managed through NetSuiteTM and then passed to WOS™ which directs and manages tablet devices (iPads). The tablets are mounted in a quick-connect, stainless steel enclosure, swappable between the mobile picking carts on the warehouse floor for product put-away, replenishment, picking, and order verification. Once completed, orders are taken to the packaging stations for verification and notification to NetSuiteTM so they can be packed and shipped to their customers.

The Warehouse Mobile Solutions system implemented at Huish’s distribution centers incorporates 14 iPads mounted in our stainless steel enclosures utilizing a quick disconnect system and 16 mobile picking carts, each equipped with a swivel bracket designed to accept the iPad enclosures. This unique design allows operators to store and pick products without the use of paper or cumbersome hand-held mobile terminals. Operators simply scan items and locations as directed by the mounted tablet device. The tablets are controlled wirelessly by a system manager, Tablet DirectorTM, which releases orders, schedules operators activities, and tracks in-process orders throughout the entire order fulfillment process.

For more information regarding WarehouseOS™ and the other logistics solutions products offered by Warehouse Mobile Solutions, please contact Sam Stringham, at sam.stringham@hoj.net, phone: (801) 266.8881 ext. 8026 or visit us at http://www.warehouseos.com


Huish Outdoors is a U.S.-based outdoor sporting goods company built on a solid team with extensive experience in manufacturing, vertical integration and building brands in the consumer products industry. With a mandate on acquiring and building companies with high-quality, innovative products. Huish currently owns internationally recognized brands Atomic Aquatics, BARE, Stahlsac, Zeagle and Liquivision, in addition to being the exclusive distributor of Sharkskin products in North America and parts of Europe. Through the strength of these brands Huish offers a full range of complimentary diving products to divers throughout the world from its world class distribution centers located in the U.S. and Canada.

Chris Osmond
Chris Osmond

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