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September 29, 2022

In any warehouse, there should be a goal for efficiency as well as safety for the warehouse employees. Tilt tables help to achieve both of these goals. 

What exactly is a tilt table? A tilt table is a system that helps to reposition the angle of an item to improve access or height. For example, if an individual was looking to reposition the angle of a heavy item in a warehouse, instead of having to risk their own health and safety by tilting the item, the item could be angled at the touch of a button with the assistance of a tilt table.

Common Applications of Tilt Tables

Tilt tables are used in various settings and serve many different purposes. A common purpose for a tilt table is to angle the contents in a box, bin, or barrel in order to make it easier for a warehouse employee to sort, empty, or fill. This allows the employee to work at an improved ergonomic setting. Another common application is to reposition an item to provide better access for repairs. The table allows an employee to have the most ideal angle for performing these tasks

Working using a tilt table with a box placed on it.

Variety of Tilt Tables

Since there are a variety of different uses for tilt tables, there are a variety of different tilt tables on the market. Some tilt tables are manual and some are electric, meaning that some variations have to be manually operated to angle the item. Electric tilt tables can angle items at the touch of a button. 

For extremely heavy items it is recommended to use an electric tilt table to protect your body from harm. Manual tables are robust and have been designed to prevent unnessary strain on the body but only to a certain point. Please double check the recommended capacity before purchasing any tilt table type. 

Other tilt tables are structured to fit boxes better while others barrels. Some tilt tables are portable and can be moved easily by wheels and others are stationary and immovable. There are a variety of tilt tables to fit every need.

Considerations When Purchasing a Tilt Table

If you decide a tilt table is essential for your warehouse, there are a few important items to consider:

  • Item Capacity
  • How much space do I have in my warehouse to operate a tilt table?
  • Am I going to be lifting fragile or hazardous materials?
  • What angles do I need to reposition items to?
  • How high do I hope to position items off of the ground?
  • Will I need to move the tilt table easily or can it be stationary?

This list of questions can help you walk through important things and aid in choosing the best tift table for your warehouse. The answers to these questions can help a professional recommend the best tilt table for your warehouse.

In conclusion

As we reviewed, tilt tables can improve warehouse efficiency and safety and may be a great option for your warehouse.

If you’re looking for a trusted warehouse professional to help you determine and purchase the best tilt table for your warehouse, contact us at Hoj Innovations today. Thousands of companies have trusted our warehouse experts to find the right equipment.

Olivia Hoj
Olivia Hoj

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