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April 25, 2023

One of the quickest ways to ruin warehouse efficiency is to have a pallet full of boxes tumble to the ground, blocking aisles, disrupting work flow and wasting time. Securing pallet loads with Stretch Wrap Machine is a sure way to prevent such accidents from making a mess of your warehouse floor and transport efficiency.

At Hoj Innovations, our team of experts and consultants can help you select the best Stretch Wrap Machine for your specific needs, whether that’s wrapping pallets of goods on their way to a rack or a semi-trailer.

Stretch Wrap Machines are warehouse tools that spin a pallet of goods while a fixed spool of stretch wrap envelopes the load to prevent items from tumbling off the pallet when out of balance. Stretch Wrap Machines are a dramatic improvement in quality and efficiency over manually wrapping pallets of goods.

Sure, the job gets done by manually wrapping pallets of goods - eventually. But the lost efficiency saps your crew of time and, too often, quality. Human error is not uncommon when manually wrapping pallets. A pallet with unintentional weak spots in the wrapping is prone to spilling when out of balance and can result in damaged or lost goods costing your company thousands of dollars. Using Stretch Wrap Machines typically results in seeing a quick return on your investment.

Time and money are saved as Stretch Wrap Machines make quick work of tasks that used to take a few minutes per pallet. There are, of course, several different types of Stretch Wrap Machines that can help your organization secure and transport items of all sorts and sizes.

Turntable Pallet Wrappers come in a variety of types as well - each provides drastic improvement over manually wrapping pallets.

A Semi-Automatic Turntable Pallet Wrapper allows a user to place a pallet on a turntable and attach the start of the wrap to the pallet. Sensors on the machine determine height, width and depth and complete the process in a fraction of the time needed to manually wrap the items. 

Automatic Turntable Pallet Wrappers operate in a similar manner, but eliminate the human operator with a fully automated start and cut process on the stretch film before and after wrapping is completed. A type of Automatic Turntable Pallet Wrapper that is particularly useful in high-volume settings can be integrated into a conveyor system. After a pallet is loaded along the conveyor, it rolls onto the elevated wrapping machine. After wrapping is complete, the secured pallet rolls back to the conveyor and moves along to its next destination. 

If loads are too tall, heavy or unbalanced to spin on a platform safely, a Rotary Arm Stretch Wrap Machine might be just the thing to get the job done. Instead of spinning the pallet, the shrink wrap film is attached to a rotary arm that works its way around the pallet of items to secure the load. A Rotary Arm Stretch Wrap Machine can also work on more traditionally sized pallets and can reduce wrapping time in many cases.

Depending on the items you are transporting, a Mobile Robotic Stretch Wrapper may be of benefit. These machines move to the location you need them and are typically used on odd-shaped pallets and are used to secure the items efficiently prior to moving them.


Saving time and money while improving quality is assured with a quality Stretch Wrap Machine. Hoj Innovations can help you choose the best possible solutions for your production and transportation needs whether you’re moving a few pallets items per day or thousands per month.

Gregory Kirkham
Gregory Kirkham

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