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July 20, 2022

Image of Heavy Duty Crane

The year is 2022, and companies - it seems - have to be more flexible, adaptable, and more organized than ever before. If you aren't adjusting your operation to meet your customers' ever-changing demands, you might find yourself without that customer in the future. 

That is the reasoning behind the portable gantry crane. It helps keep your operation flexible and enables you to lift those needed items in areas that normally don’t have a permanent crane to raise them.  


What are Mobile Gantry Cranes

A mobile or portable gantry crane or Jib crane is an overhead industrial crane supported by two connected floor supports with wheels attached. Subsequently, these cranes can be placed on a rail system if needed. The freestanding legs with attached wheels allow for easy movement of the crane wherever it is needed.  

In the video below, you can get a good idea of what a gantry crane looks like and how it operates. Every aspect of the materials and design can be customized to suit your needs. 

Use Cases

These mobile cranes are great for both large and small operations alike. Typically these cranes are found in retail, industrial environments, mechanic and auto shops, manufacturing facilities, and machine shops. 

Different types of portable Gantry Cranes

These are the typical options of gantry cranes available on the market today. You can order any combination of these cranes according to your needs. There are many different models of gantry cranes, but they usually correspond to these 3 configurations below. 

Adjustable Height Gantry Cranes- As the name implies, the height of these cranes is adjustable. Raise it or lower it according to your needs. These are typically secured by a pin, gear crank, or electric motor that can easily be removed to change the height. The height can range from just over 4 feet to 24’ on certain models. 


Adjustable Width Gantry Cranes - Need a crane with variable width? No problem, this option allows you to adjust the width at will. The span can range from 10 feet to 35 feet in length. 

Adjustable Tread - Low on space? This option allows you to adjust the position of the wheels with ease.

All of the adjustable aspects of these cranes can be motorized. This makes it easier for workers to make necessary changes. 

Portable gantry cranes are incredibly versatile and useful for many industries. Their weight capacities can range from 500lbs to 15 tons. There is a crane to meet every need. 

But what about permanent bridge cranes? 

What is a Bridge Crane?

Bridge cranes are permanent structures - usually built into the warehouse - and can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to design, make, and install. There are three commonly used types: the Underhung, Top-riding single Girder, and the Top Riding Double Girder bridge crane.

These cranes usually have to be installed during the building process of the warehouse. Otherwise, you would have to build a special structure to support it. These cranes can easily last a company for 30+ years and even 50+ years with proper care and maintenance.

Top-Riding Single Girder Cranes- Able to hold up to 15 tons of weight, this crane is built as well as the double girder crane. This crane is less expensive than a double girder for the following reasons: only one girder (steel I-beam) is required, the trolley is simpler in design, the freight for transportation is less expensive, and the installation is simpler. 

Image of Top Riding Single Girder Bridge Crane

Underhung Cranes - These are not as common in today's market, but we still come across them now and again. With that said these cranes are still a very viable option for some users. Many older warehouses have an existing runway for these to be mounted to. Typically these can hold up to 10 tons. 

These are similar in appearance to the to-riding single girder crane. The main difference is that instead of placing the girder on top of an i-beam track, it is placed underneath the I-beam. This significantly reduces the possible lift height of this crane which can be fine for some operations. 

Some of the benefits include that it doesn’t require a supportive column which frees up floor space, and the hoist runways are maximized, allowing you to take full advantage of your space. 


Top Riding Double Girder- This crane - like the top-riding single girder - rides on a rails system, but the hoist is suspended on top and between the two bridges. The great benefit of this model is that weight capacities can go up to 100,000 lbs. The bridge spans can be over 80 feet long, and you maximize the lift height as the hoist rides between the two girders. This can increase your lift height by 18” to 36”.

Image of Double Girder Bridge Crane


At Hoj Innovations, we sell and install millions of dollars worth of cranes yearly. We also maintain, repair, sell parts, and advise companies about what cranes are best for their facility. 

Cranes are a big commitment, much like your warehouse. They’re permanent structures with substantial upfront costs, so it pays to have someone help who understands them inside and out. 

If you need a crane, think you do, or just have questions, feel free to give us a call or contact us through our website. One of our crane specialists can help answer your questions and provide expert advice.

Jeremy Barth
Jeremy Barth

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