July 14, 2020

Micro-Fulfillment solutions bring the efficiencies of big-box fulfillment into the reach of smaller businesses, and at a fraction of the cost. Micro-Fulfillment systems have been gaining traction as they offer a solution that can benefit a wide variety of businesses. It can accommodate the scale of smaller emerging businesses as well as the operational needs of larger businesses that may need regional rapid fulfillment capability at an affordable cost.

Micro-Fulfillment solutions rely on space optimization techniques to ensure maximized efficiency throughout the whole operation. Through innovative designs and a specialized warehouse software, fulfillment operations can be optimized while eliminating unnecessary space in a Micro-Fulfillment system. 

Advantages of Micro-Fulfillment

  • Compact and cost-effective solution to allow quick and simple fulfillment
  • Consolidation of warehouse equipment and operations into a small and optimized area.
  • Pre-engineered solutions that offer 5,000, 10,000, and beyond packages that deliver a range of storage and capacity to accommodate daily shipping volumes

The layout of Micro-fulfillment systems incorporates racking, pack stations, pick carts, picking machines, and a fully integrated software to create the perfect and efficient fulfillment center. Whatever your operational requirements may be, these micro-fulfillment solutions are entirely customizable to meet your specific business model. Micro-fulfillment systems can be stand-alone solutions, or it may even be the back of your retail store. The mix of automation and conventional design allows for complete flexibility to offer a tailored solution just for you.

How do I know if Micro-Fulfillment is right for me? 

  • My early methods of warehouse operations are no longer keeping up with growing demands.
  • I fear that my capital isn't enough to start a conventional DC
  • My brand is growing, and I want to manage the entire client experience including self-fulfillment.



Chris Kilbourn
Chris Kilbourn

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