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February 01, 2022


On January 20, 2022,Pitman Creek - the nation’s largest distributor of Fishing Tackles - was just featured in Modern Materials Handling Magazine. Hoj Innovations is excited to be a part of this success.

Pitman Creek began growing at an unprecedented rate and hiring more people was simply not helping. To put it into perceptive, their sales had increased by 600% in the past 8 years. With this level of growth, they were still doing everything manually over multiple facilities. They needed a more efficient and organized system to help get orders shipped out faster.  

Hoj Innovation’s team ofskilled engineers, project managers, and material handling specialists were able to do an in-depth logistics study of their warehouses, and subsequently provide racking and conveyor plans that would take full advantage of their new 205,000 square foot facility.

In addition, Hoj Innovations provided a state-of-the-art  warehouse management software (WMS) calledWarehouseOS  (WOS).  WOS integrated seamlessly into their current system of fulfillment allowing them to automate processes without changing the shipping process itself.

Here are some of the groundbreaking improvements Pitman Creek saw.

  1. 400% increase in receiving operations.
  2. 250% increase in outgoing production.
  3. 500,000 units shipped per week.
  4. 25 million units shipped in 2020 alone.

Normally you would only expect mega-corporations to be capable of stats like Pitman Creek, but with these implemented processes, it is completely possible forany size company.

History of Pitman Creek

Pitman Creek had humble beginnings. In 1978, the original owner sold fishing lures to marina customers as a side hustle. His lures were so popular that he quickly expanded distribution to other marinas. Over time they became the largest distributor of fishing and tactile equipment in the country.

Pitman Creek is a wonderful company with strong values reflected in every aspect of its work. They truly cherish the opportunity to support the fishing community with the products they need and love. 

To learn more about Pitman Creek’s commitment to its customers and employees, and to get an inside look at their warehouse, check out their most recent video below. 

See the full articleModern Materials Handling

Jeremy Barth
Jeremy Barth

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