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July 22, 2020

There is little dispute that conveyors are a critically important piece of equipment in a warehouse or distribution center. But why spend the money to implement them? Let’s quickly review why they are so important.

With so many moving parts on the floor of your warehouse, it can seem impossible to manage everything all the time. Without the proper conveyor solutions your warehouse may suffer from decreased productivity with inventory being sorted incorrectly or workers picking inefficiently.

Adding conveyors can increase efficiency and productivity by preventing the labor fulfillment team from running back and forth between sections of the warehouse. Lost time in their transit compounds, creating unnecessary setbacks. Thirty minutes of lost daily productivity per employee hurts your tight margins.

Conveyors can also help your team avoid accidents. If you have multiple pickers trying to move heavy products in the same place at the same time, you risk them running into each other. Conveyors eliminate these types of incidents from occurring.

Alex Banner at Medium adds one more reason to use conveyors: they are faster than other systems. He says, “While they [conveyors] can take up the most space out of all the methods the result and speed at which they transfer any item from A to B is well worth the space.”

Conveyor systems are vitally important to improve the function of your warehouse. Our skilled team has decades of experience in installing all kinds of systems, so talk to us about your project, and we can help you find out the best fit.

Chris Osmond
Chris Osmond

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