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March 03, 2022

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Every business owner understands the desire to grow their business and that is exactly what the Bob Barker Company has been doing for over 50 years. They have been leading supplier of innovative products used in correction and detention facilities. They sell many different products such as mattresses, shoes, sanitary items, and even office supplies. 

Warehousing is not a new concept for them by any means, but at this phase in their growth, it was no surprise they were experiencing growing pains.

Bob Barker was operating out of their main facility and an off-site location. Juggling inventory between the two buildings proved to be inefficient and they hit many roadblocks along the way. A final decision was made to consolidate their operations into one space. 

Hoj Innovations and its team of warehouse specialists did a full analysis of their operation and took into account inventory velocity, pallet spacing, optimal picking routes, docking space, vinyl manufacturing areas, etc. As a result, they mapped out a design and layout that was tailored to their specific needs. 

Kevin Gale, project manager at Hoj Innovations, stated that they were able to double the “capacity of the palettes by simply growing the building 50%”. 

Even though they grew the building 50%, they doubled their storage space. They were even able to achieve an additional 10,000 square feet of the building by constructing a mezzanine above their small pick operation. This allowed them to easily fit in a complete mattress manufacturing operation on top. 

To see all the improvements for yourself, check out this video of Bob Barker’s new warehouse HERE.


The Bob Barker Company started in the early 80’s when Bob Barker - a serial entrepreneur - purchased a small jail supply company in North Carolina. He quickly worked to expand into the southeast and started including a sewing operation for uniforms and mattresses. 

Soon after, catalogs were shipped nationwide and the company grew exponentially from there. Throughout the 90’s they continued to innovate by creating polyester-core mattresses, triple bunks, van cells for secure prisoner transportation, and many different personal care products. Many of these innovations have since become industry standards.



Hoj Innovations is proud to have been able to work with such an incredible company that shares similar values for constant innovation and improvement. 

When working with Hoj Innovations, companies should expect completely unique warehousing layouts customized to fit their specific needs.

Contact us today if you are interested in your own personalized warehouse solution.
Jeremy Barth
Jeremy Barth

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