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February 21, 2024

Hoj Innovations, established with a vision to revolutionize warehouse operations, proudly partnered with Backcountry.com, a leading online retailer of outdoor goods. We helped the world's largest outdoor gear ecommerce business create an incredible warehouse and distribution center here in our headquarter home of Salt Lake City.

Since its inception in 1996 in Park City, Utah, Backcountry has expanded globally, and soon needed another warehouse and distribution center in the eastern United States.

The Backcountry.com warehouse and distribution center

Our collaboration focused on their new Christiansburg, Virginia distribution center. This facility, essential for serving the Eastern United States, showcases our commitment to enhancing consumer experiences through efficient order fulfillment and expedited delivery.

With millions of items moving in and out of Backcountry.com's distribution centers, a smooth-running system was essential to accurately and efficiently fulfill orders. Getting items from warehouse to the delivery truck is now simple process. That's one reason Hoj Innovations trusts Hytrol Conveyor Company when it comes to creating a custom solution for ecommerce giants.

Our partnership with Backcountry.com was driven by a shared goal: to support the outdoor enthusiast community by ensuring swift access to high-end outdoor products.

Jeff Carter, Senior Vice President of Global Fulfillment at Backcountry, emphasized the importance of this partnership in meeting customer expectations for same-day shipping, facilitated by our advanced warehousing solutions. Our system's integration within the Virginia distribution center, featuring a 7 p.m. cutoff for orders and a 3.5-hour window for dispatch, exemplifies our dedication to operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

At Hoj Innovations, we crafted a bespoke solution for Backcountry, enhancing their logistic capabilities and fulfillment space while minimizing costs. Our innovative approach transformed the traditional "pick and pass" method into a streamlined process, leveraging an overhead conveyor spine for vertical sorting and direct transportation of replenishment and empty totes to their designated zones.



This three-dimensional sortation system, developed in collaboration with our partners, underscores our expertise in creating efficient, cost-effective systems with optimal throughput.

Our design significantly reduced the layout of each pick module, optimizing labor efficiency and minimizing employee movement. We integrated a Warehouse Management System (WMS) and flow management system tailored for online retail and direct-to-consumer shipping.

This innovation, particularly within the picking mezzanine, reduced walk times and operational costs, reflecting our commitment to creating ergonomic and efficient work environments.

The introduction of Hytrol's E24™ technology, aligning with Backcountry's energy-saving culture, facilitated a quicker operational start-up and underscored our alignment with sustainable practices.

Our system design, capable of efficiently routing totes of outdoor goods to packaging lines, incorporates overhead accumulation conveyors to sustain peak picking periods without the need to offload totes.

A Hytrol conveyor system installed and engineered by Hoj Innovations at the Backcountry.com distribution center.

Our unique pick-to-pick operation, a departure from the serpentine pick-and-pass system, exemplifies our focus on efficiency and speed, enabling significantly faster order processing compared to previous systems. This innovation highlights our commitment to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients' operational goals.

Our partnership with Backcountry resulted in a state-of-the-art material handling solution, enabling faster delivery times, efficient and accurate order fulfillment, and reduced operational costs and environmental impact. This collaboration not only met high expectations but also facilitated planned growth and adaptability to changing customer demands.

Our successful implementation of advanced material handling solutions for Backcountry.com is a testament to Hoj Innovations' expertise in value engineering and our ability to deliver comprehensive, on-time, and within-budget solutions.

Our collaboration with Backcountry underscores our dedication to excellence in warehouse operations and our commitment to supporting our clients' success in the competitive online retail space.

HOJ Marketing
HOJ Marketing

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