Pallet Racking Design

Racking & pick modules

One of the most fundamental parts of any warehouse’s foundation is its racking. Aisle width, shipping areas, docking locations, and various other factors play in when determining your warehouse racking layout. Your warehouse setup can either cripple or expedite your operations.

At HOJ Innovations, we know that finding the proper racking solution can get complicated, but we’re here to make it easy. We offer a variety of options to fit your needs. Because we’re not in the business of just exchanging product for cash, we also take your personal usage and cubic requirements into consideration.

We’ll help design your space, working with your contractors and warehouse managers, so it meets your building codes and storage requirements. Racking should adjust to your storage needs instead of your needs adjusting to your racking. If you find yourself growing out of your current space, we’ll maximize your capacity; enabling you with more time and saving you money.

At HOJ Innovations, we are the best in the business when it comes to understanding what you need to maximize your space and plan for any expansion or scalability.

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Why Choose Hoj?

In 1964, Denmark native Henning Hoj was a one-man operation with a big dream. It started with the idea of providing racking, shelving, and equipment solutions to companies in the Intermountain West. He brought his background in mechanical engineering and productivity (as well as his family) to Salt Lake City, Utah.

From the company’s humble beginnings, HOJ Innovations has grown to a team of more than 150 employees and $60M in annual sales. HOJ is still headquartered in Salt Lake City and has become a trusted partner to companies throughout the U.S and internationally.

A lot has changed since ’64, with the addition of seven interconnected operations that cover the full range of material handling products and services. One thing that hasn’t changed in 50+ years, is the HOJ team’s passion, dedication and expertise.