"I like to go to one source to get all the information I need. I want to make sure the sales reps I'm dealing with place service before price. That is Hoj. They have always been responsive and my experience has been very smooth."

- Larry Bratton, Global Logistics, Osprey Pack Company

"One of the greatest things we found working with HOJ was the teamwork. They brought a team to us and we were able to put them in the same room with our team, take their ideas, take our ideas and develop a synergy that really set us up for the future."

- Scott Cornelius, Manager, Deseret Book Distribution Center

“They have been very good at answering my questions, taking my concerns seriously, and addressing them,”
“Once we decided to move forward with the Virginia DC, we wanted it completed quickly and cost-effectively, Hoj came through on both counts.”

- Jeff Carter, Senior Vice President, Global Fulfillment at Backcountry.com

“Having the opportunity to work with Hoj engineering on several different projects, I can attest to their professionalism, commitment to the customer, and Hoj’s service oriented culture. Hoj recently partnered with QBP to develop and engineer our newly launched Reno, NV facility. As the Site manager, comfort in knowing that commitments would be met, pricing would always be competitive, and that the team at Hoj would be there every step of the process proved invaluable to me.”

- Rebecca Friday-Stein, QBP-Reno Site Manager

"We had two challenges, one to make our (warehouse) move transparent to our customer base, the team at HOJ put together a great plan to move our business over a three week period of time and our customers literally did not even know we moved, the other thing was OK in the process we are going to a new facility, how do we become more efficient with what we are doing" "the design of our racking layout and the design of where our products are placed has increased our picking efficiency by thirty percent, that’s HUGE"

- Kim Peterson, Corporate Distribution Manager, Specialized Bicycles

"Hoj realizes that the need for continuous improvement is coming because we want to service our customers better and they have that same ideal. Hoj has really been there for all the different transitions that our company has made to stand out in the forefront, increase capacity and be ready for new things in the future."

- Jason Copley, VP Supply Chain, 1800Contacts

"The Hoj team has been bomber through the entire project."

- David Dunn, Operations Director, Osprey Pack Company

"Loomis Construction has worked with Monarch Doors for over sixteen years. We have always found our representative Michael Christopherson and the company supply the utmost in quality and service. We would recommend Monarch Door to anyone."

- Lisa Loomis, Loomis Construction

"I have loved working with Monarch Doors. I have had many jobs that they have come through at the last minute and never had any problems. On repair work they are by far better than any other door company in the valley. They are always on time and on budget. Which when running a construction company that is what you want. Thank you for all your hard work."

- J. Travis Lehman, Project Manager - Salt Lake City