Rack Relocation & Seismic Compliance

Are you looking tat relocating your current warehouse? Whether it’s a new installation, or reconfiguration of existing warehouse equipment, the experienced installation crew and engineering team at HOJ will cover all the bases, getting the job done right… the first time.

Because your warehouse safety is just as important to us as it is to you, we make sure your racking or equipment is thoroughly reviewed to meet current IBC codes. Whether it’s seismic reviews, layout and placement, utilization, or even fire suppression/sprinkler review, we can help.

On top of that, you’re covered HOJ | CARES.


Customer Asset Record Entry Software

HOJ | CARES is an integral part of our business software integrating service that contains the history and serialized assets of our clients, providing a connected service experience for your facility. CARES tells us each time your equipment was serviced and when you should have it serviced in the future.

Because of HOJ | CARES, we can dispatch our fleet to repair your equipment with more knowledge. That means that our efficiency is increased, and your equipment will be up and running more quickly. The HOJ | CARES program also informs us when the cost of repairs will exceed the cost of new equipment, saving you time and money in the long run.