Dock and Door Service

Overhead Doors

At HOJ, we employ a dedicated staff to handle all types of overhead sectional and coiling doors. First and foremost, we understand distribution and production environments, especially the importance of getting repairs completed quickly, so your doors can be used to conduct your daily business.

High Speed Doors

We have factory trained technicians for Rytec and Dynaco high speed doors. These doors are always in an important pathway for business operations (in fact, usually your highest traffic patterns). We understand that these doors need to be operational to control the environments that they guard.

Dock Levelers

Our team of dock and door technicians have been factory trained and understand maintenance and repair for all types of dock levelers, which include hydraulic, air, mechanical, power assisted and edge of dock levelers. We even handle the more complicated power conversion systems to change the old worn out mechanical leveler to power assisted or airbag operation. Docks are a critical path for any distribution center and response time for a repair on a dock leveler is critical, so we have dedicated teams that have primary responsibility to keep this equipment in solid working order.

We’re the experts when it comes to dock and doors. Our inventory of parts and database of clients’ products keep repair time to a minimum. One of the most important features, that no one else offers your business, is the HOJ | CARES program.


Customer Asset Record Entry Software

HOJ | CARES is an integral part of our business software integrating service that contains the history and serialized assets of our clients, providing a connected service experience for your facility. CARES tells us each time your equipment was serviced and when you should have it serviced in the future.

Because of HOJ | CARES, we can dispatch our fleet to repair your equipment with more knowledge. That means that our efficiency is increased, and your equipment will be up and running more quickly. The HOJ | CARES program also informs us when the cost of repairs will exceed the cost of new equipment, saving you time and money in the long run.