Conveyor Service

With over 20 years in the field, HOJ has the most knowledgeable and skilled team installing conveyor systems of all kinds. We fine tune and adjust each piece of a conveyor to eliminate potential hang ups and ensure the smooth flow of product.

We also have controls experts who troubleshoot electrical panel and device failures: both items that are critical to discover early, so that parts, if needed, can be changed quickly to get systems up and running.

Not only do we have scheduled calendar services and updates, we also maintain predictive maintenance services to keep your equipment running error-free for its lifetime. This ranges from general scheduled maintenance to emergency repairs on major drive components. Why bother worrying? At HOJ you can rest easy knowing that you have the experts on your side with continuous equipment monitoring. Our biggest asset in making sure your systems run efficiently is the HOJ | CARES initiative.


Customer Asset Record Entry Software

HOJ | CARES is an integral part of our business software integrating service that contains the history and serialized assets of our clients, providing a connected service experience for your facility. CARES tells us each time your equipment was serviced and when you should have it serviced in the future.

Because of HOJ | CARES, we can dispatch our fleet to repair your equipment with more knowledge. That means that our efficiency is increased, and your equipment will be up and running more quickly. The HOJ | CARES program also informs us when the cost of repairs will exceed the cost of new equipment, saving you time and money in the long run.