Strip Curtain Bulk Rolls

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As most strip doors serve as traffic doors, clear material is ideal; the unmatched clarity maximizes safety, workflow and productivity.

The most common clear material comes in standard, low temperature and anti-static compounds to meet a wide variety of applications for doorways, curtains and other partitioning devices.


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PVC strip is designed primarily with the purpose of making economical, energy-control traffic doors known as strip doors. These products are available in a wide variety of sizes and grades to suit every type of opening for commercial and industrial applications. Although 8” and 12” are the most common PVC strips sizes, PVC strip widths range from 4” to 16” widths, depending on the door size and application. Several clear grades as well as weld screen tints and other colors are available. All rolls are packaged on 6” cores and boxed to maintain quality.



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8" wide x .080" thick, 12" wide x .120" thick