Wholesale & Retail Distribution

Through our Wholesale & Retail Distribution sector, HOJ Innovation brings a comprehensive knowledge of the options available for the distribution industry. We are dedicated to the entire material handling experience, including all the equipment associated with outfitting a warehouse. With 50 years of business experience and hundreds of years of combined knowledge on our team, we have seen, designed, and built every type of warehouse operation.

HOJ has a professional engineering staff for distribution center design and uses data analysis for each application to get the system design correct for each client. Selecting building column centers that work well with rack designs is critical to getting the pallet locations you need access to, while maintaining a designed aisle width for your forklifts.

We have specialists to cover all the functional areas of the building. One of the first areas of expertise starts at the doors and docks that open the gate to bring the product in and out of the warehouse. HOJ Innovation is a dual line distributor of Entrematic Engineered Solutions, offering the Serco and Kelley dock equipment. We help owners decide whether they should be using hydraulic, airbag, or mechanical dock equipment. The door size and options for seals and shelters will also be carefully selected to match the dock and trailer activity and products being shipped.

Racking in a distribution center can seem average, but with some design and layout work, we make it excellent by identifying good process flow. We are experts at looking at every angle and gaining the extra 10% that turns average into excellent. We can decide when different rack types will have a positive return on investment. We provide Selective Rack, Double Deep Rack, Drive In, Push back and Pallet Flow Through in Roll Formed, Structural, and Tube Rack.

Maximizing the cube and getting the building columns to work out well with the racking and forklift aisle is key to a successful rack installation. We coordinate with architects and contractors in the early stages to make sure everyone is on the same page.