Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

Third-party logistics services have been, and continue to be, a growing segment of the distribution marketplace. This industry is not just supplying storage for pallets anymore. More companies excel in implementation of technology for B2B and B2C parcel order fulfillment. As a top industry supplier of storage rack systems, we can provide the knowledge of what rack to use for the inventory turns of the pallet types being stored. Knowing when to utilize single selective rack or a high density storage solution of drive in / push back rack / or pallet flow will help maximize the storage revenue potential of the warehouse while making sure operations are not constrained. More and more companies are providing extensive kitting and value added services for items being shipped.

We have the experience, equipment, and software to help 3PL companies optimize any of these key areas of service focus. With the distribution goal of lowest cost per item shipped, we help companies lower operations costs through productivity process improvements with software and efficient rack layout design.