Outdoor Retailer

To say we have good experience with the outdoor retailer industry would be an understatement. We live along the Wasatch Range, home to some of the nation’s best outdoor playgrounds and to many of the nation’s best outdoor retailers. We share in the passion for the outdoor experience and have grown up with some of the world’s top outdoor companies.

We understand the passion these companies have for their products and the heightened level of commitment to the products they develop. This industry takes complete care of the customer experience and develops distribution as a core competency. We understand the importance of inventory control, quick cycle time to process, and what material handling systems and software make these distribution centers excel. We understand the special attention provided to the supply chain partner to deliver value added services and how to better process the orders that require special packaging, tagging, and barcode application.

Some of the key objectives for this industry are the cubic requirements for inventory and managing the peaks of distribution tied with its season. We use extensive data analysis to discover the information of order type, averages, and peaks to design the optimum warehouse layout for distribution.