This is where we started 50 years ago. Our engineering and fabrication teams have installed and maintained countless overhead bridge cranes to provide material handling solutions over production lines, machine shops, maintenance rooms, equipment repair, and assembly. Our overhead crane products soon expanded to providing forklifts and conveyors for these same customers.

Today, we have a comprehensive crane and ergonomic workstation engineering department. We employ licensed PE stamped structural engineers to give you the safest and most efficient design for your lifting requirements. We are a KONE licensee manufacturer of overhead bridge crane structures, including the beams and runways. We also provide ergonomic workstations for lift assist and production scissor tables to help create a better work environment for the production employee and continue to be a good investment for companies to save on workplace injury exposure.

Our conveyor and automation teams bring the latest technology to the manufacturing floor with production line automation and integration to packaging equipment, along with end of process line palletizing. We offer both line and robotic palletizers and provide the PLC programming technology to get your job done cost effectively and on time.

To provide conveyor solutions in every environment, we have been building specialty stainless or modular aluminum tabletop conveyors for manufacturing, food process, and production. We provide tabletop conveyors for beverage case, beverage bottle, and dairy chain, including stainless wash down applications.

Safety products in a warehouse are a key area of focus for HOJ. Protecting personnel and equipment is an area where many companies can do more. We provide walkway aisle guarding, protective pallet rack guarding and safety nets for racking, fall arrest products for working at height, and ergonomic lift assist and scissor lift work platforms. We have a world-class safety training division for forklifts, overhead cranes, and aerial work platform certification for OSHA and AWPT requirements.