Apparel warehouse management rules are changing rapidly. The trend for e-Commerce sales growing at 10%-15% annually has store fronts shrinking and web stores expanding in sales and items being offered. One challenge is that growth of returns continues to require distribution centers to pay significant attention to resources and capital equipment to keep this department running well.

We have the experience, equipment, and software to help apparel companies optimize any of these key areas of service focus. With the distribution goal of lowest cost per item shipped, we help companies lower operations costs through productivity process improvements with software and efficient rack layout design. We have extensive experience with apparel & accessories in bagged, flat and hanging configurations. We use multi level pick tunnels and bin racking to manage inventory product.

Our WarehouseOS™ software helps to manage apparel inventory, by allowing mixed SKUs in a bin with a picture of the item being picked, along with bin location and SKU number. We can manage these locations as home, random, or chaotic locations. Our software WOS™ can increase pick rates by 30% to 50%.