By: In: Company News On: Mar 04, 2019

HOJ Innovations Celebrates Continued Relationship with Deseret Book


HOJ Innovations, the leader in warehouse distribution consulting and material handling solutions, recently announced substantial changes and updates to the Deseret Book warehouse and distribution center. These changes are making Deseret Book’s distribution system both leaner and more responsive to their customers.

Tim Hoj, CEO of HOJ Innovations shared, “Deseret Book has been a client of ours for a few decades. It’s common that shifts in business require a physical adaptation to handle change. With our history on these successful tune-ups, Deseret Book recently engaged with our team to help them adapt and perform better under new market conditions. The team here at HOJ was able to add a whole new area and mezzanine to work in tandem with their pick and packing process.”

Scott Cornelius, Manager of the Deseret Book Distribution Center, shared, “The greatest thing we found working with HOJ was the teamwork. We were able to put them in the same room with our team, take their ideas and our ideas and create a synergy that has set us up for the future. With HOJ’s solution, we were able to incorporate the packing station right into the mezzanine and improve the flow using conveyors and carts to improve the overall response time.”

About Deseret Book

Since 1866, Deseret Book has been the market leader in the publishing, distribution and retailing of faith-based books, music, DVDs, religious art and home décor, and other lifestyle products serving, in particular, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Deseret Book’s purpose is to provide quality products that build faith, strengthen homes and families, ennoble personal virtues, and offer practical advice to the religious and non-religious alike.

Deseret Book also has a full-service music and entertainment division and publishes some software, electronic products, and foreign translations of key titles. Deseret Book is both a publisher and retailer, and as such maintains a book club, retail stores, and an online retail and informational Web site.

About HOJ Innovations

HOJ Innovations, with clients throughout the United States, has more than 50 years of experience in innovation and engineering excellence. As a leader in innovative warehouse fulfillment design and mobile computing technology for managing warehouses, the company now operates with more than 150 employees.

HOJ Innovations specializes in internal logistic design, space utilization, productivity and process improvement studies as well as application-driven inventory management solutions (WarehouseOS). The company provides support to the distribution, fulfillment, and manufacturing sectors throughout the United States. Follow WarehouseOS on Twitter at @WarehouseOS; for more information, visit or call 801-266-8881.