Chris Osmond

By: In: In The NewsRackingSafety On: Apr 10, 2020

Is Your Pallet Racking Earthquake Ready?

At 7:09AM on March 18, 2020, a 5.7 magnitude earthquake came roaring through the Salt Lake Valley. The Richter scales hadn’t seen a quake that big since…

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By: In: Blog FeaturedSafety On: Apr 03, 2020

A Big Player in Safety Mask Alternatives

To make a purchase, please visit our Product page HERE.   As COVID-19 transitioned from an isolated concern to a worldwide pandemic, the need for…

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By: In: Blog FeaturedCompany NewsSafety On: Mar 27, 2020

Information about COVID-19

With the latest news surrounding COVID-19, we feel the need to inform you of what we are doing to keep operations moving forward. Hoj Innovations,…

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How Much Warehouse Space Do You Really Need?

Calculating how much warehouse space you really need is tough. Each business is unique in the way they manage their inventory. Warehouse space calculators exist…

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